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Together, forever. With a little help from my friends.
-frankie, 2004

Note To Teens From Lynne

Hey, Thanks for coming to hangout and visit this page. I wanted to make a place just for teenagers because I know this website is like jam-packed with so much stuff it’s crazy to try to read it all — and anyway, something I REALLY believe is that there should always be a private place for kids to hang. My office is a place like that. You can go to “Lynne’s office” and see pictures. You can also go to almost any section and see more pictures of me. But I’ll tell you more about privacy in a minute.
If you are reading this, I don’t know who you are yet. But I would like to. Meeting new people is usually pretty cool. And of course I don’t know how you got here. Maybe a friend told you, or a teacher, or you read about Art Therapy in a magazine. Maybe you asked for a therapist — lots of teens that I see have asked their parents if they could have a therapist — or maybe your parent or parents want you to have a therapist, and they found me and are showing you my website. However you got here, I’m glad you are here.
Teenagers come to therapy for lots of different reasons. Sometimes they are really stressed about school, relationships, or family. Stress can be pretty serious. Sometimes it’s about a breakup or a best friend problem. Or, sometimes, something really bad has happened to them, like someone has hurt them or taken advantage of them. Sometimes, parents force them to go — a drag, but sometimes it works out OK.
Then I have kids who come because for whatever reason, they started getting into something bad, and it got out of control before they knew it…like drugs, or an eating disorder, or ditching school. At first these things can seem like no big deal, but they can spin out of control pretty quick. I’m sure you know someone it has happened to. Maybe it’s happening to you, or someone in your family.
When kids realize that stuff like that has gone too far, they start to get really scared. They are usually afraid to tell anyone. Then they wind up walking around nervous, maybe getting into fights, or not being able to sleep or concentrate. They keep doing the bad stuff that they wish they had never started because they don’t know what else to do. They feel like they messed everything up, and that their life is ruined.
I want to tell you something REALLY important. If it doesn’t relate to you, pass it on to a friend who it might help. Slip them a note (make sure the teacher doesn’t see, or do it after school!) and write it in BIG LETTERS:
I have had so many kids in my office that have been depressed, been by ditched by their boyfriend/girlfriend, been hooked on drugs, been anxious about college, upset about their parents, throwing up everyday, cutting themselves, you name it. Kids with mellow, everyday stress, and kids with very serious problems. Whichever it is, it’s cool to have someone to talk to that is just for you, who doesn’t know your friends, or your teachers, and isn’t allowed to tell your parents what you talk about.
Now, back to that privacy thing.
When a teenager is in therapy with me, everything is absolutely, always, completely, totally, fully, confidential and private — with only three exceptions. If you tell me that you have a plan to hurt yourself or someone else, or that someone is hurting you, or that you know someone else that plans to hurt themself. Then, I have to tell your parents. That’s it.
I am really good at a couple of things. One is helping kids, no matter how bad things are. Second is helping their parents to understand kids and helping parents too. In addition, I’m also good at hanging out, having fun, making art with kids, and listening to music. Believe it or not, this gets kids better, along with lots of talking.
I have groups for teens too, that are fun, creative, interesting, and intense. If you have been in a group before, I can guarantee that the kind of groups that I do will be a totally different experience.
If you want to get in touch with me, to ask a question about anything, give me a call or send me an email at: (you can do so now with this private form). I promise I will get back to you right away. If you want to call, you can leave me a private message at (917) 607-3963. If you want to email, there is even a private email set up just for teens! If you are interested in coming to meet me, and aren’t as concerned about privacy being the first step, you can show this website to your parent or parents and ask them what they think. Or show a teacher, or anyone you trust.
However you do it, I look forward to talking to you. Remember, whatever is going on, with a little help, it’s never too late.
Take it easy,