Teach me, like you, to drink creation whole
And casting out my self, become a soul.

-Richard Wilbur, 1961

A note from Lynne
Welcome to my site. My hope is that you find it helpful as you explore my creative tools which I invented and discover how they may support you, your children, family, or relationship in a journey toward health and healing.
Lynne Julianna Beldegreen, M.A., A.T.R.-BC, LCAT
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Let me begin by a simple introduction.
I am Lynne Julianna Beldegreen and am a licensed and Board Certified Art Therapist and Psychotherapist with extensive post graduate training. I have been practicing since 1990 specializing in treating sexual abuse and trauma along with the grief and drug abuse, eating disorders, and mutilation that often accompany these issues. I also work with many issues that do not necessarily relate to sexual abuse and trauma—for example, school related problems or the impact of divorce. You will find that I primarily work with young children, adolescents. I also work with women, families and partners. You will also discover that I do it in a unique way. That is why I created this site. Many other therapists have encouraged me to do so because they have been impressed with the originality of my work and results.
My practice does what many other clinicians tell me they rarely see: a practice that combines art therapy, play therapy, verbal therapy, individual and group therapy. Many of my tools and techniques are based on an amalgamation of classical theory and practice, as well as my own clinical experience. This is innovative and tremendously powerful.
Why? The combination of these therapeutic modalities and my creative tools allows me to match a needed approach to a specific issue or individual person. It allows me to meet my patients where they are. I work from doctrine, from my gut, and from my own emotions. This allows me to be spontaneous, drawing on years of formal training and clinical experience in both creative and traditional therapy. This is rare and very effective, especially with children and teens. My sessions are not static. Seldom is an entire session spent on the couch.
How? I do this with my creative tools, a powerful series that I developed over the years out of necessity. Then I began to see how successful the tools that I invented were. So I want to share what these tools are about with the goal of helping you identifying those I can help, treat, and support.
If you browse through this site you will learn more about my approach, the creative arts therapies, art therapy and play therapy, and my creative tools. You will also learn a lot about how children, teens, and adults recover successfully from different types of trauma.
If you visit The Gallery while you browse, or select some of the case studies, you will see rich, beautiful, and very moving artwork. These pieces of art were made by patients throughout my career.
You are not, however, limited to just exploring the site. Feel free to call me with questions or to schedule a complimentary consultation so you can experience what I have to offer. I would be happy to talk with you. Simply select “contact Lynne” to reach me.
My first session is always complimentary, at no cost, because I feel that when people are in need, they should have the best possible help. It has been my experience that we will each know quickly if I am the right match for you or you loved one(s). If this is not the case, we will spend our time getting the right person or place for you. I have many resources, but my office is a great first step. Most people stay. It is a very special place. Come and see.
All my best in health & healing,

Lynne Julianna

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