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mission statement

I have created this website for several purposes based on my 15 years of experience in the field of Art Therapy in addition to my studies in psychology and psychoanalytic treatment.

To educate clinicians, physicians, and caregivers of all disciplines as to how and why Art Therapy works with a variety of patient populations.
In doing so, further Art Therapy practice by contributing to the work being done by The American Art Therapy Association, and art therapists nationwide, to promote the acceptance of art therapists as primary caregivers, with the ability to be in-network insurance providers.
To educate the public about Art Therapy and the Creative Arts Therapies as alternative and/or adjunct options to traditional verbal psychotherapy, and, in doing so, hopefully reach sexual abuse and trauma survivors whose needs have not been successfully met by traditional therapy alone.
To promote the field of Art Therapy as a career option to prospective students by offering my services to consult, teach, and supervise.
And finally, to introduce the Creative Tools™ that I have invented as an original contribution to the field of Art Therapy, with the hope that they will encourage others to continue to help this outstanding field to spread its wings.