“Come in,” she said,
“I’ll give you shelter from the storm.”

-Bob Dylan

Lynne’s office is a large, beautiful, safe space in the heart of the Upper West Side of Manhattan, just steps from Central Park.

There is a comfortable waiting room with a small fountain, art books and magazines, refreshments, and, of course, beautiful art. The office itself is a generous space divided into distinct sections.
There is a large comfortable sitting area, allowing for work individually or in large groups. There is an ample art studio space next to a wall of windows, and a big easy play space. Everywhere there are loads of soft pillows, soothing colors and textures, and warmth.
What happens in Lynne’s office is not rigid or static. Sometimes it isn’t even structured. Lynne moves around with her patients. She might start by talking with a patient, then sit on the floor for awhile and do a creative exercise or play some music, make some art, or go back to the couches and talk some more. Or, an entire session could consist of any one of these things. Her interactions are always natural and easy, yet very substantial. Sometimes a traditional therapy session is done with the patient on the couch sitting up or lying down, with Lynne in her chair. It is always up to the patient.
Lynne always assures the patient that they lead in terms of what feels comfortable and safe during a session, even as she guides and makes suggestions. Lynne sets a pace so that she will never overwhelm a patient or go too fast through painful issues. Emotional safety is always the top priority. Lynne’s astute intuitive skills assure this safety. She knows instinctively how to set the pace or which tool to reach for in any given situation.
Most people make comments about the unique environment of Lynne’s office. Visitors have said things like “this is one of the safest, most beautiful spaces I've ever visited.” The fact that Lynne designed the entire office, from it’s relaxing colors to it’s lush textures and separate, safe nooks, shows that Lynne’s attention to detail never stops.

To explore a panorama of Lynne’s office and different areas, select the photo directly below.